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Dental Implants

Implant Dentistry

Dental implants have revolutionized how dentists approach replacing missing teeth. While many people think that dental implants are ‘new’, the fact is that history has credited the Egyptians with actually substituting materials to replace missing teeth. The ‘new’ discovery surrounding implants came in the late 1970s and early 1980s through orthopedic research, where new biocompatible materials were being recognized for their potential to replace bony structures – such as tooth roots. Hence modern implant dentistry came of age!

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Our Experience

The doctors at MFD have been placing and restoring implants since the modern era of implant dentistry dawned in the early 1980s. Initially, implant therapy was divided between the surgical specialist who placed the implant and the general dentist who fabricated the restoration on top of the implant. This meant many trips back and forth between multiple practices, which added to the expense and overly complicated implant treatment. As early adopters of implant therapy, Dr. Sorenson and Dr. Monacell saw that gaining the training and expertise to master the surgical component, then combining it with their existing restorative skills, they could simplify the process and reduce the cost of offering implants to their patients. Today, after over 56 years of combined implant surgical and restorative experience, MFD has successfully treated thousands of patients with implant therapy.

How it Works

The Technology

We’re constantly upgrading our technology and providing the most current options when replacing missing teeth with implants. We use Cone Beam Computer Topography (CBCT), which provides a three-dimensional volumetric rendering of your anatomy. Combined with software that provides for virtual case planning, we can plan for both the surgery and restorative phases of your implant treatment without involving any guesswork! This software allows us to conduct computer guided surgery to ensure safe and accurate implant placement with minimal discomfort, quicker healing and more successful treatment outcomes. Restorative procedures have been reduced to just a few appointments through digital CAD/CAM technology, where metal free - ‘All Ceramic’ - Zirconia restorations provide strong, long-lasting options. Implant restorations provide permanent solutions to replace partials and dentures by replacing missing teeth or even an entire arch with a single piece Zirconia Fixed Bridge.


Implants are surprisingly affordable. Like all ‘new’ technologies, early devices were expensive due to start up manufacturing costs and technology integration. Continual advances have brought the expense of implant therapy down significantly. Additionally, more dental benefit providers are including implant coverage in their plans and are able to offer assistance, further lowering the barrier to choose implants as an option for tooth replacement.


Give us a call to schedule a clinical examination and CBCT scan to see if you’re a candidate for this revolutionary therapy. We’ll be happy to discuss your options, conduct a complimentary insurance benefit analysis and even provide attractive financial options should you choose to finance your treatment.