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Preventative Care

Our Approach

What exactly is preventative care? Great question… the answer may surprise you! Preventative care is more than just getting your teeth cleaned. It's a lifestyle of healthy habits to ensure your teeth last a lifetime!

While we still recommend the conventional wisdom of brushing, flossing and regular hygiene visits, preventative care also includes protecting healthy teeth from decay, treating malocclusion for better hygiene and nutrition, maintaining healthy gums, as well as periodic oral screening for various diseases. The importance of preventative care cannot be overstated as emerging research is beginning to show evidence that untreated oral conditions can contribute to long-term systemic and chronic health problems.

Preventative Care Resources

A Lifetime of Care

We follow the American Dental Association’s recommendation that early childhood prevention starts with the eruption of your child’s first tooth. Parents are encouraged to schedule their child’s first dental visit within six months and no later than one year after their child’s first tooth erupts. Bottle feeding, breast feeding and training cups all contribute to early childhood caries. This is why we promote Spry® products, which are natural products designed to reduce the risks of early childhood caries. Our hygienists and dentists are happy to discuss how adding these products to your child’s home care, along with other preventative measures, can help reduce this risk.

As one moves through childhood into adolescence, the role of preventative care transitions to include applying sealants and varnishes to protect healthy tooth structure. Additionally, Orthodontics is also used to move teeth into their proper alignment, which influences chewing efficiency and the ability to keep teeth and gums healthy while simultaneously achieving that beautiful smile! Then as you enter early adulthood and continue into your senior years, preventative care continues to play a vital role in your overall health through regular hygiene visits, oral screenings and maintenance of your teeth and gums.

With a lifetime preventative approach to your oral care, should any problems arise, they'll generally be smaller in nature, easier, and less costly to treat, offering a long-term prognosis for success.